Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Scenes from the Road

Yes, our Alaska trip was sponsored by Full Sail. This became the drink of choice not only with the crew, but by everyone who served us at meal time.

Team take time out for some lattes and tea.

Yes, there was some mud on the trail AND if you didn't go at least 7 miles an hour...mosquito nets were very, very handy.

Thursday, August 04, 2005

Life at Maclaren Lodge

Here is our sleeping shed. It kept out moisture, but it didn't keep out the mosquitos!
Mac and Mollie hangin' on the Porch, enjoying breakfast watching the river move by.

Lisa eating breakfast before the ride.

Hangin' at the Sluice Box! Notice the fine wine in a box.

Fly Fishing

Suze showing her technique at Tangle Lakes; a natural.

Lisa's fishing at 11:30pm. Amazing that you need to put on sunscreen after dinner

Monday, July 04, 2005

Denali Cycling Crew

The Denali Highway cycling crew. Here is (from left to right) Mac, Suze, Lisa, Rick, Tam and Bill - all setting out to enjoy the scenery from the seat of a mountain bike along the entire 136 miles of the Denali Highway.

Our Crew

Our fabulous SAG wagon crew (Bev and Molly) driving and posing on our "Alaskan Cadillac."

Copper Center

Suze and Bev taking in the sun...where there was plenty of it.

Alaskan Fashion

Tam sporting her fashionable net in Paxon (land of the blood sucking birds - mosquitos).

Enjoying Sunshine

Lisa posing near the copper river after a challenging slumber in copper center (22 hours of day light).


We begin our journey to Cantwell.

Trail Fun

Lisa tearing up the trail and having a good time at it.

Setting Out

Rick, Bill and Tam getting ready to ride.

Landmark Gap

Lisa and Suze posing after the spin to landmark gap. This one quick pose gathered about 10-12 new mosquito bites.

Looking at Wildlife

Lisa looking for some wildlife over Tangle Lakes.

Mac Attack

Mac in the early morning as he blistered out the door to get on the road and RIDE!

Cosar Crew

The motley crew at Cosar Lake. Suze, Rick and Mac.

Suze Trail Riding

Suze on her way back from Cosar Lake. Nice riding.

Tam & Bill

Tam and Bill scoping out some good fishing locations.

The joy of the trail.

Mollie Riding

Molly cutting up the trail. Look at those legs.

Crossing Big Sue

Lisa and Rick crossing the "Big Sue."


Suze is absorbing the washboards of the Denali Highway. Tam (unknowingly) road a shockless bike for 133 miles of rough roads before the rest of us noticed her full suspension bike was on complete lockout. OUCH! Next time we plan to give Tam a complete orientation of her bike. She did start using her brake after one of us noticed her slowing the bike with her foot dragging on the ground.

Bear Hugs

The only grizzly lisa found...and therefore she got rather friendly with him.

Blueberry Hill

A hike up blueberry hill. Bev here taking in the view of the Susitna River valley just above the Gracious house.

Lisa contemplating the trail ahead.

Mtn. Bike View

The bike to view Mt. Debra. This was the scene from the handlebars when we went "off-road."


Valdez Creek. We had laid claim on this stream and began panning for gold using the frisbees Mac had available in the truck. We found many exciting rocks, but none that required an escort from our amoured car.

Moose Sightings

One of our MANY moose sightings. Mac and Molly were doing their various moose calls to get this gals attention. It seemed to work. The best call see to be..."hey you!"


Here is suze just before the big 53 mile ride. I think she was hoping to meet a few of those burley hunters before getting on her saddle for the day.


Tam giving us a send off for a flight with Ray to get a peak of Denali

Dreaming of clouds

Suze enjoying the view of Denali from 8,000 feet up.


Elders Glacier Rivers in Denali Park (via ray atkin's cesna 170)


Glaciers and Icefalls in Denali Park

Train Ride

Getting on the train in Denali